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Community Action

Urgent action is needed to protect our coastal marine ecologies from escalating threats such as climate change, invasive species, and biodiversity loss.


It is crucial that we build a stronger, more passionate voice to safeguard and rejuvenate these vital ecosystems for a flourishing future.


To achieve this, we must remove the barriers that hinder diverse participation in marine industries and conservation efforts. This includes creating more opportunities for women, people of colour, those without marine biology backgrounds, and individuals lacking significant funds.


Our goal is to cultivate and deepen the connection between coastal communities and marine ecologies, thereby accelerating action and elevating awareness of the critical challenges our oceans face.

Please see below for some of our upcoming and past events.

Past events

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Coastal Community Leaders Programme for local residents of North Anglesey

Feb-Apr. 2024

The Coastal Community Leaders programme in North Anglesey equipped individuals with leadership, project development, and environmental stewardship skills through workshops and mentorship, fostering community-focused environmental projects related to the local marine environment. Participants gained gained insights into setting up a community group or business as well as how to access project funding, and connected with local organisations and artists including the Seagrass Project, Ness Owen, North Wales Wildlife Trust, Wild Oyster Project and campaigners from Save Penrhos. The program was held over 5 half-day workshops, hosted at the Ucheldre Community Centre in Holyhead. participants ranging from backgrounds a broad range of backgrounds came together to share strengthening community networks and collaborations. For workshop materials, follow this link to our resources page.

Seaweed Cultivation Workshop for University Students and Staff

Sep. 2022

This workshop for over 60 students at lecturers from Newcastle University included a deep dive talk, a tour of PEBL's seaweed cultivation facilities, a foreshore-walk highlighting seaweed ecologies, and a hands-on session where students collected and learned to cook seaweed. This workshop provided a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, focusing on the challenges and future of seaweed cultivation.

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Climate Resilience Discussions with local community members
Jul. 2022


This community event invited residents to visit our facility, focusing on regional challenges, particularly related to the local marine environment. Discussions highlighted seaweed's role in addressing major issues like climate change, sustainable food sources, and job creation. Participants explored seaweed's potential and our efforts in this area, bridging community engagement with environmental solutions.

European Maritime Day
May 2021

We collaborated with the Project Seagrass and Car-Y-Mor to host a series of workshops and information stalls. The day included live cooking demonstrations featuring seaweed, offering a taste of this versatile marine plant. The event aimed to educate and engage the Swansea community about the benefits, uses and ecological importance of seaweed, shellfish and seagrass habitats and industries emphasising its culinary and environmental significance.

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