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Striving to make ocean monitoring more accessible 

Check out our range of monitoring tools

Our mission is to empower all marine operators and researchers with monitoring data that provides actionable insights for enhancing farm design, predicting crop quality, and safeguarding the local ecology. To achieve this goal, we are actively working on creating a range of cost-effective and user-friendly monitoring tools.

The Growprobe measures Turbidity, Temperature, Current Speed, and Current Direction. With the ability to deploy for up to 60 days and the PEBL team ready to assist with data analysis, this device not only makes monitoring more affordable but also significantly more time-efficient.

The Subcam is our most widely deployed monitoring tool, offering an affordable solution for extended visual observation of seabed and marine environments. This submersible video camera can be deployed up to 60 meters below sea level. Our clever scheduling program allows you to determine when the camera activates a recording each day and how long it records, spreading it's four hour recording time over days, weeks or even months on end. 

Ecological impact-03.png

Ecological impact

Growth recuirements-01.png

growth requirements

seaweed health-01-01.png

quality of crop


Temperature | Turbidity | Current Speed and Direction

A multiparameter submersible data logger for long-term monitoring of marine and freshwater environments.

4-in-1 sensing: Distill your data gathering into one convenient probe.

Flexible data collection: Custom scheduling and high-frequency sampling options.

Power and depth rating: 60 days at 60m.

Data analysis:  Free initial data screening by PEBL.

Purchase from £1499 or rent from £299 for 3 months.



Submerge | Schedule | Video

A submersible video camera for long-term monitoring of marine and freshwater environments.

Customisable Daily Scheduling: Set recurring wake-up times and recording durations.

Autofocus: Always be in focus with our powerful autofocus technology.

Power: 240 minutes of recording that can be spread out over days, weeks or even months, the choice is yours.

Purchase from £1499 or rent from £299 for 3 months.

SubCam mounting hardware kit available for £99 or rent from £20 for 3 months.

Mounting hardware kit includes:

1x Marine-grade 316 steel mounting plate

2x Nylon PA12 mounting brackets

8x Marine-grade 316 steel nuts & bolts
2x Marine-grade 316 steel jubilee clips

Custom brackets available upon request.

Video of our mounting kit being assembled and deployed at sea.

Example monitoring program

For an idea of what a full scale monitoring plan looks like for a seafarm click the link below.

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